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Barclays Bank Office


Corporate Profile

Mrs Margaret D Mwanakatwe
Mrs Margaret D Mwanakatwe
MD - Barclays Bank Ghana
Barclays has operated in Ghana for over 90 years and has been closely associated with all phases of the country's development. We now have a major commercial banking network in the country with branches in all large commercial centres. With our detailed knowledge of the Ghanaian market we are uniquely positioned to assist in the development of our customers' businesses.
The first Barclays branch in Ghana was commissioned on 14th February 1917. Its mother company in the UK, Barclays PLC, is quoted on the London, New York and Tokyo Stock Exchanges. Three hundred years of banking expertise and a well-earned reputation for quality and strength in the world of finance has made Barclays a major force internationally in both corporate and retail banking.

The Vision of Barclays Africa.

To be the leading contributor to Africa’s growth.

Barclays Africa's Mission

To be one of the most admired financial services organisations in the world, recognised as an innovative, customer-focused company that delivers superb products and services, ensures excellent careers for our people and contributes positively to the communities in which we live and work.

The Barclays Brand

One of the greatest strengths of the bank is its brand. Built over many years of hard work and dedication, the Barclays brand today has come to represent trusted and reliable financial services. The depths of appreciation that Barclays has for the financial market is what distinguishes the Barclays brand from the others. Indeed Barclays is "fluent in finance".
The size of Barclays Bank comes with a strong capital base which is often leveraged to the advantage of the bank's clients and customers. As one satisfied corporate clientremarked, "You don't just transact business with Barclays Ghana, you have the entire resources and expertise of the whole Barclays Group at your disposal."

Looking Into The Future

For this year the business theme for Barclays Ghana is "Delivering on our promises". Our promise to all our customers is to be the best financial service provider in Ghana. What distinguishes Barclays from the other banks is its "fluency in finance" and that encapsulates the promise we will deliver in 2005.
Barclays Ghana believes that the way forward with delivering on the promise is by ensuring that the business has the right working COLLEAGUES, superbly led and highly motivated with the right tools. That will ensure that they serve the bank's target CUSTOMERS brilliantly which will eventually increase the bank's contribution and profits to its COMPANY and enable the bank to do more in the COMMUNITIES in which it operates.
This is what has become known within Barclays circles as the Four Cs - COLLEAGUES, CUSTOMERS, COMPANY and COMMUNITIES. Focusing on the Four Cs will lead Barclays to deliver on its promise and become the best financial service provider in Ghana.

Our Values

  • DRIVE PERFORMANCE Constantly challenge yourself and inspire others to meet ambitious goals, which delivers exceptional performance
  • BUILD PRIDE  PASSION Be passionate about Barclays because you are Barclays - take individual responsibility for making us a great company
  • DELIGHT CUSTOMERS Always strive to see world through the eye of your customers
  • GROW TALENT & CAPABILITY Be as consumed with the development and success of your colleagues as you are with your own
  • EXECUTE AT SPEED Focus your energy on excellent execution
  • PROTECT AND ENHANCE OUR REPUTATION Respect the standards that are our license to do business. Find intelligent ways to apply theme

Product and Service

  • Prestige Banking
  • Barclays Cash Passport
  • Executive Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Barclayloan
  • Instant Savings
  • High Rate Savings
  • High Interest Bonus Savings
  • Fixed Term Deposit
  • Bank Account
  • High Value Current Account
  • Current Account
  • Student Account
  • Business Solution Current Account
  • Business Solution Savings Account
  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Bonds and Guarantee
  • Barclay Integrator
  • Business Club
  • Prestige Plus Account
  • Community Solution
  • Community Account
  • Telephone Banking
  • Corporate Current Account
  • Barclays Customers Foreign Currency Account (CFC Account)
  • Barclays Foreign Exchange Account (Forex Account)
  • Call Deposit
  • Special Call Account
  • Alliance Account
  • Overdraft
  • Ordinary Loan
  • Documentary Collection
  • Deferred Debit Card
  • Barclays Pay Direct


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